Gettin' Crafty

Having a baby has forced me to put any "craftiness aspirations" on the back burner, but I decided to make an attempt at a few SUPER easy projects.
Don't laugh when you see these pics...
I'm telling you they were like elementary school easy :)

Carter showing off his turkey cookies from a play date with friend, Addison
Mod podge + food coloring + glass =
More colored glasses
I found these foam blocks at the dollar store. Carter loved this activity, though it was way too easy for him. We also did cards with different numbers on them and he had to count out the appropriate number of colored blocks for each card. That activity was more on his level.

"Bob the Turkey" according to Carter
Autumn tree


Food for Thought

I saw the following, "10 Thoughts on Whole Living", in my most recent issue of Whole Living Magazine. Every one of these points resonated with me, so I thought I'd share.. in hopes that they may impact you too.

1. Warm your soul: Savor a hot drink.

2. Be aware of the difference between anticipating and living.

the most delicious moments are often the messiest.

4. Living better doesn't always mean trying harder. Ease up.

5. Avoid getting trapped in someone else's story.
Be the author of your own life.

6. Forgiveness isn't about them.
It's about you.

7. Make something, ANYTHING, from scratch.

8. You can remember good times
without losing yourself in nostalgia.

9. The best gifts let someone know how much you love,
not how much you spent.

10. Rest is not a luxury,
it's a necessity.

*Number 2 was my favorite. What about you?*


Thank You, Pinterest

Awhile back, I pinned this picture to my "DYI" board on Pinterest:

The instructions for how to make this card super cute card can be found here.

We celebrated my mom's birthday last night and
I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

What do you think?

Not bad, right? Give this easy, fun (and cheap!) card a try.