This is the week I have looked forward to and simultaneously dreaded at the same time. He's turning 3. How is that possible? On one hand, I am ecstatic to be leaving the two's, but I'm also keenly aware of the fact that the "baby" in him is slipping through my fingers everyday. Yes, I'm sentimental. Perhaps overly sentimental, but I'm ok with that.

Here's a short interview I did with him a few days ago:

What is your name? Carter
How old are you? Two
What is your favorite color? {looks down at shirt} Blue
Who is your best friend? Mommy, Daddy, and Cooper
What do you want to be when you grow up? A big boy
What is your favorite animal? Just lions
What is your favorite movie? Mickey
What is your favorite book? the Little Einsteins pirate one
What is your favorite tv show? Little Einsteins
What makes you happy? Mashed potatoes
What makes you sad? Boo boos
What is your favorite food to eat? Mashed potatoes
Favorite thing to drink? Chocolate milk
Where is your favorite place to go? Starbucks

Here's a little more about where he's at:
{according to mommy}

-Carter loves to talk and talk and talk and talk. This is most evident around his family, as he tends to clam up in new or unfamiliar circumstances.

-He has been fully potty trained for a couple months now. I am very thankful for this!

-He adores his little brother. He wakes up asking about him and wants to know where he and what he's doing at all times.

-Carter is extremely opinionated. (NO idea where this attribute came from..ha!) He knows what he wants, when he wants it.. and isn't afraid to say it.

-That carries over into bossiness.. especially when he's tired, frustrated, or in need of attention.

-He is an absolute sponge when it comes to learning. I'm baffled every day that a kid with his energy level (think energizer bunny ++) has any desire to sit and sound out every letter to every word in a book (no joke). His favorite toys are educational and I have to admit that I LOVE this about him. He is so easy to teach and constantly wanting new, challenging activities. I'm hoping to start some at-home preschool lessons with him in January!

-He does not love crafts. Or coloring. This makes me a little sad, but I'm continuing to try these things on a regular basis.

-Current obsession: Spiderman and Captain America. Allll day long he asks, "What's your favorite person who wears a mask, mommy?" "Do you like Spiderman? Batman? Ironman? Captain America? The Incredible Hulk?" "Who is daddy's favorite?" ... and on and on.

-The most unusual, standout characteristic about Carter is his love for music. This goes beyond normal kid music or lullabys or songs he learns in church. He is absolutely obsessed.. specifically with country music. The artists, the songs, what they wear, what instrument they play, their videos... you get the point. He can identify just about any song on the CMT top 20 countdown within 2 seconds of hearing and/or seeing it. He sings these songs all day long. At home, in public.. it doesn't matter. He turns any, and I do mean ANY, object into a guitar or microphone. I've seen him turn a dustpan, plastic shovel, pillow, place mat, and even a pretzel stick into a guitar. His favorite "microphones" include a remote control, nasal aspirator, and bendable coaster. We reached a new level of creativity when last week at Starbucks he turned the "Wet Floor" cone into a microphone so he could sing Michael Buble (whom he currently LOVES).

-Needless to say, this year for his birthday and Christmas he is getting several musical things (one being a black guitar "like Keith Urban's") and LOTS of Spiderman stuff.

-These are really just the highlights. I could write for hours about the funny stuff he's said and done, but I'll refrain. He is such a unique child and I couldn't love him more.

Sweet Carter,

You are my funny, charming, precious boy and I cannot imagine my life without you. You are the sunshine in SO many people's lives and I know God's plans for you far exceed anything I could possibly imagine. I am beyond proud to call you my son.


*Photos by Amelia Hambrook Photography