My Sweet Baby Boy

Here is the latest on this little guy:

-So far, he is a laid back little dude...already so much more chill than his big brother ever was!

-He is eating consistently every 3 hours and will go 3-4 hours between feedings at night.

-He does not like having his diaper changed or his clothes off.. this is really the only time he screams.

-He is a snuggle bug for sure :) He loves to be held and snuggled in a blanket... mommy's dream come true!

-We've had people ask about his middle name.. Solomon. When we were trying to decide on a middle name, I was pretty adamant that I wanted either a family name or a name with some sort of significance (preferably a Biblical one). Carter's middle name is David.. and both Carter and David are family names. As we looked into names on both sides of our families, we couldn't find one that we both liked and one that fit with Cooper. We turned to the Bible in search of one that would hold a special meaning for our new little man. Both Jeremy and I kept coming back to Solomon for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because of the connection between King David and King Solomon. I mean how can you go wrong naming your sons after two of the most influential Biblical kings, who also happened to be father-son? Also, the meaning of Solomon is "peace" or "peaceful", which was VERY appealing to me.. and so far this little guy has been nothing but the epitome of peace in our lives.

-Carter is adjusting remarkably well to having a new little brother. The only signs of jealously are directed toward me, which I guess is better than taking it out on Cooper. He tells me repeatedly throughout the day to:
"Stop doing ____. Just feed Cooper."
"Just leave him alone, Mama."
You get the idea. I'm sure part of this is him just being two... and a total, 100%, bossy first born (who is being raised by 2 first borns.. poor kid).

-Carter's favorite things to say to Cooper are:
"Ohhhhh, it's OTAY Baby Coop! Carter is here!"
"I DO love you, wittle brother."
"Come here, Baby Coop. I need to love you."

-One of the most amazing things is that from the time Cooper was just hours old, he has responded to the sound of Carter's voice. True brotherly love.


My New Love

Seriously, does it get any sweeter than this?
I'm in love all over again. And it's wonderful.


He's Here!

Our precious little angel
Cooper Solomon
arrived on August 15th at 2:23 pm
7 lbs 10 oz. 20 inches.
He is pretty much the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. So far, he's a very good eater and sleeper.. and that makes for a happy mama :) He looks NOTHING like his big brother, which has taken some getting used to! Carter came out with a head full of dark hair, while Cooper has just a little bit of blonde (or honey blonde, as I like to call it) hair and very different features.
Carter adores him, as do the rest of us.
God has blessed us more than we deserve.



My never ending to-do list is finally finished.
All the preparations for Cooper's arrival have been made.
So now we sit and


I'll admit this part has been difficult for me. I've had a lot of time to think and prepare for our newest addition and I feel completely ready for him to join our family. With Carter, I was much more distracted due to work and not knowing what to expect from a newborn. I was also expecting that he would hold out until his due date (or longer) and he came 8 days early- a total surprise.

I'm 38+ weeks (10 days from my due date) and just 3 days away from my induction date. My last dr appt went well yesterday- I am dilated 2.5 cm and 80% effaced. I was thrilled to find out that my pain has not been in vain! My dr (who isn't fazed by much due to years of experience) was absolutely shocked by how far down Cooper is... I'll spare you the details, but trust me..
he is ready to go!

I'm still holding out hope that I will go into labor on my own this weekend. If not, my induction is schedule for 5 am on Monday morning. Would you pray for us? The last two times I've had to be at a hospital that early were for reasons very different than delivering a healthy baby boy. Please pray for peace and a smooth delivery on all accounts.


Mid Year Book Review

I like to keep track of the books I've read throughout the year and since we are over half way through 2011 (unbelievable!), I thought I'd post some of the books I've enjoyed so far.

It's worth noting that these are the books I've actually finished. I started many others, and for one reason or another, didn't finish them. I know, shame on me.

Have you read anything good lately?


Getting Ready...

Our little man will be here before we know it! I am due in less than 3 weeks, but will be induced on Monday, the 15th, if he isn't here before then. Jeremy is supposed to be out of town for work (I know, I know, but it IS the NFL) the 5 days before my due date, so instead of risking him missing the birth ... we decided to schedule an induction a week early. I'm not really excited about the possibility of being induced and am praying Cooper comes before then. I was dilated 1.5-2cm last Wednesday, so we'll see!

Take a look at a few of the special things we have for our sweet boy:

I've been doing a lot of consignment sale shopping these days. Here are some of my favorite finds... Baby Gap, Kissy Kissy (my FAVORITE baby brand), & matching Gymboree vests :)
Possibly my favorite find so far...
a Christmas Kissy Kissy set that I paid $9 for...
Retail Value: $45-55
My sweet sister-in-law made a ridiculous amount of stuff for Cooper...
all of which I am in love with :) Here's a sampling of what she sent:
Fabric book, wipes case, & newborn burp cloths
She also made these matching shirts for my boys. LOVE.

And last but not least, she made this AMAZING quilt complete with chenille, minky dot, & Cooper's name embroidered in the center

I ordered these from etsy. Love love love.
And finally, here's a peek at Cooper's room. The lighting was kind of funny this morning, so I hope to take some better pictures another time of day. It isn't quite finished (missing mostly accessories that can be added later) but it is ready enough to handle a newborn baby!

We are using Carter's old crib, dresser/changing table, & rocker.
I somehow managed to put this room together for less than $150!
{Including paint and supplies}
The bedding and mobile are Pottery Barn Kids via ebay.
The curtains are from Target.
And the letters I made myself ... instead of paying $7-$9 a piece on etsy.
Nearly everything else I had laying around the house. Love that.