8 Months

Last month was a big one for our sweet boy! Here are a few highlights:

-His first two bottom teeth arrived :)

-He started saying "Dada" all the time!

-We have continued to try new foods, but his favorites are still carrots, sweet potatoes, and corn. He isn't really picky, but definitely shows a preference for certain foods. The ones he isn't crazy about (some fruits, green beans, etc) take much longer for him to eat.

-He is still on the move (but not on all fours yet) and into anything he can get his little hands on! The boy is super strong!

-He typically is ok staying with Jer or my mom (as long as I'm not in sight), but he would still prefer his mama 100% of the time. The only exception to this was on Easter Sunday when he sat with Uncle Taylor the ENTIRE service and even fell asleep (snoring!) for part of the time!

-His weight gain has slowed way down due to how active he is... I'm certainly not complaining ;)

I'm really enjoying every stage with Cooper and wishing time would slow down. It's true that it goes by SO much faster with the 2nd baby!



Yes, we are still alive and well over here.
I hope to be back soon with several new posts,
but in the mean time I'll leave you with this sweet picture of my baby boy.

Happy Spring and belated Easter!