Phone Photo Dump

I don't know about you, but the picture album on my phone is filled with the randomness of our life. Here's a little glimpse:

A preview of the letters I made for Cooper's room

Going on a walk.. with the monkey
A birthday present from etsy. L.o.v.e.
At the library- on a play date with Carter's friend, Addison
Jeremy took Carter to get an oil change on my car... haha
My handsome boy
Brother shirts from etsy!
A really bad attempt at taking my own belly shot
Don't ask. I have no idea what he was trying to do.
Enjoy a beautiful night outside
Coconuts the Kangaroo @ Whole Foods
Sometimes I wonder what my magazine subscriptions say about me...
Apparently, my husband has a side business that I didn't know about... I found these @ Whole Foods and if you know Jer, you know he LOVES Peanut Butter & Chocolate :)
Boston Cream Pie/Cake, anyone?
Another poor attempt at a belly shot
Easter egg hunt in the backyard
Bunny cake for Easter!
"I throwed dirt on daddy's hair, daddy's forehead, daddy's eyes, daddy's nose, daddy's mouth, & daddy's chin" -Carter
Palm Sunday
Our "new" dining room set. Thanks, craigslist!
The infamous rat from Petsmart. Carter was OBSESSSSED.
Our bonus room in the process of being painted.
Coloring at daddy's office.
At the park with Bella, Poppy, & Romeo
A braided bread loaf I made from scratch.
The shirt says it all.
Some of my finds at a recent consignment sale. Cute boy clothes are hard to come by, but I was pretty proud of these!
Trying on big boy underwear for the first time.
Meeting his cousin, Matthew, for the first time.
A Valentine's bear from Poppy.
Adorable even when he's sick and sleeping... <3


Need a Few Good Recipes?

Here are 3 new recipes I've tried this weekend. We have enjoyed each one and even though they are on the "light" side, my hubby loved them too!

{Click on each one to go to the page w/the recipe}

*I used turkey bacon since we don't eat pork and replaced the bacon grease in the dressing with extra-virgin olive oil. I also cut the recipe in half for the 2 of us.

*I replaced the lemon with a lime and cut this recipe in half too.

Muffins are one of my very favorite things to bake (and eat) and I've tried a TON of different recipes. These muffins are outstanding. You will not be disappointed!!

I hope you enjoy these recipes and savor the goodness that is in each one.
Happy Eating!


30 Weeks

Well, here we are. 30 weeks already? My "Baby Bump" app told me today that we have 68 days to go! Oh my! I'm getting more and more ready to meet this little man, but I am also fill with slight panic thinking of all the things we have left to do before he arrives.

Here's a run down of the latest progressions:

-I still have a decent amount of energy on most days. That being said, I usually collapse into bed each night.. utterly exhausted from the demands of pregnancy combined with taking care of the world's most active 2 year old :)

-Varicose veins. I didn't have these little boogers last time I was pregnant and not only are they unattractive, but they hurt.. a lot! I have a really bad vein on the back of my left thigh... it's twisted and bulging... and causes a lot of discomfort. Poor Jeremy has had to examine more times than he's cared to, but he never complains.

-As I've entered my 3rd trimester, my appetite has tapered off some. Really this means that I'm no longer eating like a starved animal, but just a normal, growing pregnant woman :) I'm hoping my weight gain reflects this change and also starts to taper off. As with Carter, I gained a huge chunk of weight in the 2nd trimester.

-We've been talking to Carter about having a baby brother and I think he understands the best that he can. He regularly lifts my shirt up and says that he needs to "wuv baby Coop." And last weekend, he brought some lotion over to me, lifted my shirt up, and said, "Baby Coop needs wotion." He's also fascinated with babies whenever we see them out in public or in the neighborhood. The other night he ran up to a family taking a walk and proceeded to hug and "wuv" the baby girl in the stroller. This makes me hopeful that he will love and adore his baby brother.

However, I also know how I acted as a 2 1/2 year old when my sister, Ashley, came along... and Carter is very much like me in some of those ways. I LOVED my sister, but was very jealous of the time and attention that she took away from me. Carter, like me, is already very demanding of my attention and I fully expect him to exhibit signs of jealously. He likes to be the center of attention (particularly around family) and baby Cooper may interrupt that just a bit. I am SO thankful we have so much family close by. Family that will dote on Carter and continue to make him feel special during this time.

-Most of all, we are continuing to pray for a healthy baby boy. I am praying for a smooth delivery and that God would continue to ordain each step of the way. Thanks for walking along side us on this journey.

-I hope to post some updated pictures soon! My phone is overflowing with random snapshots of our life :)