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Before Carter was even born, I knew I wanted him to be exposed to books and reading as early as possible. Once he was here, I started to realize how expensive books can be- especially if you are buying them new. So over the past 2 years, I have figured out several ways to accumulate children's books without breaking the bank and thought I'd share a few!

1. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library If you live in Tennessee, then you probably already know about this amazing program. Enroll your child (as soon as they are born) for free and they will receive a book in the mail once a month until they turn 5! We have really enjoyed these books and look forward to receiving them every month.

2. Paperback Swap I love this site! If you are like me, you probably have a lot of old books lying around that you could get rid of. Here's how it works:
-Post your used (but in good condition) books online
-Wait for someone to request your book
-Mail book to sender (if you mail it as "media mail" the shipping cost is usually less than $3)
-Earn a credit for the book you mailed
-Using your credit, request any book posted on Paperbackswap.com and it will be mailed to you!
I've used this site for children's books, as well as books for Jeremy and I.

3. Library Book Sales: Our local libraries have book sales several times per year. These events are usually packed with all kinds of books- especially children's books! They are very affordable (25-50 cents per kids book) ... and you can also find fiction books for about $1 or so a piece. I've found some great books this way and even if they aren't something my family is interested in, I will usually buy them anyways and post them on Paperbackswap.

4. Garage Sales: I'm not a huge garage-sale-shopper, but every now and then I will stop at one if I'm driving by. Last weekend was one of those times. A church just down the street from our neighborhood was having an "Adoption Sale" where all the proceeds went to a family adopting a child from overseas. What a great cause! They had a huge selection of children's books for 25 cents a piece... and many of them were in excellent condition! I got Carter 4 books that he loves for $1 ... you seriously can't beat that!

{On a side note, I also found an adorable BRAND NEW Pottery Barn Kids sheet set... flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow case for $10! Based on my research, I have estimated the retail value of these items to be around $70! Yes, I was extremely excited about this deal!}

Thanks to these four tactics, Carter's (and soon to be Cooper's) little library is growing rapidly and the boy loves to read! I couldn't be happier. Let me know if you have any other ways of acquiring children's books.

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