Welcome, 2012!


Let me just start by saying that I LOVE the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Year's is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but is anyone else absolutely exhausted when it's over? Most years I wait as long as possible to take down my Christmas decorations, but this year I was done with them immediately.

Done. done. done.

Before that, however, we had a wonderful time at the Christmas Eve service

And a nice little Christmas

Followed by a fun day trip to Chattanooga to celebrate with Jer's family

Then Carter came down with the stomach flu
(which I LOATHE every single second of)
Then Jeremy left for Philadelphia
Then I spent New Year's Eve alone on my couch

Then this happened on January 2...

I was frantically trying to get myself + 2 boys ready to pick Jeremy up from the airport. I was SO beyond ready for him to be home. I had spent the last several days nursing Carter back to health and obsessively trying to keep Cooper and I from catching that nasty illness. This also was his last trip with the Redskins until next season, which increased my anticipation even more. Anyways, somehow in the midst of me running around the house,
Carter locked himself in our master bedroom closet.

No biggie, right?

I figured I'd just unlock it the same way we've unlocked the other doors in the past.

Except this one was different.

It had a keyhole... to which I had no key.

Jeremy was in mid-flight somewhere over the East Coast.

I searched for the missing key, attempted to pick the lock with a bobby pin, safety pin, and every tool I could get my hands on.

Cooper was hungry and started screaming.

While nursing, I watched a video on You Tube about how to pick a lock.

No luck.

I called my mom.

No answer.

I called my sister and talked to my brother in law about how to pick a lock.

Fail. fail. fail.

Meanwhile, Carter is unusually calm and quiet.
So quiet that I think he might have gone to sleep.

I am not proud of how many curse words I said under my breath,
but let's be honest.. I was at my wits end...
And it takes A LOT to get me at my wits end :)

In a final act of desperation, I called a locksmith.
(And said a prayer that he wasn't a serial killer)
As it turns out, the lock was installed upside down (who does that?)
and he ended up having to drill it out of the door.

We were 2 hours late picking Jeremy up from the airport.
But we were alive and safe. Thank God!

Needless to say,
I was very ready for the fresh start that the beginning of 2012 brought.
My next post will include some of my resolutions for this year.

I, for one, am hoping for a few less of these days... :)

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  1. Reading this... even after hearing it from your voice... made me tense up. You are a champion!