A Little of This, A Little of That

Wow, it's been forever since I posted! Somehow the summer has a way of making the time go by so much faster. A few nights ago, I found myself looking at our old blog {jeremyandapril.blogspot.com} and was fascinated by some of the things I had written, especially while I was pregnant, that I don't even remember! I instantly regretted not writing down more of my pregnancy experiences, but even more so- I regretted not keeping better track of Carter's first year. I don't usually blog about our day-to-day experiences because I don't think they are interesting enough or that anyone really cares if we went to Sonic or Publix or the library. Taking a glimpse back has given me a fresh perspective on blogging. Maybe I DO need to be recording the little things that happen here and there because inevitably my memory is going to fail me at some point.

I say all that to say that maybe you'll be seeing more of me on here. And maybe you'll be getting a few too many details about our life, but maybe I need to be doing this for me... and for our little family. So that one day we can remember the little moments that are going by oh so quickly.

Soooo... here's a little of what we've been up to lately:

  • Jeremy's sister, her husband, and three girls came for a visit last week. It had been WAY too long since we'd seen them, and it was good to catch up! We did a lot of good eating... Carrabba's, Dunkin Donuts, Sweet CeCe's...mmm... and even made it to the Williamson County Fair for a few hours!
Carter and Nina in the car
Carter and I eating an ice cream sandwich
Carterman drinking a Sprite and watching fireworks (his favorite!)
  • Carter and Jenna trying out a BIG John Deere tractor
  • Jeremy made a short trip to DC at the beginning of the month, so Carter and I had a little sleep over at my parents' house. There will be many more of these to come this fall! Funniest story from that weekend: My mom and I were talking in the family room, while Carter was playing in the kitchen. At one point, he came in and was chewing something and going, "MMMMM" very loudly and trying to get my attention. He clearly wanted me to know that he was eating something good. I paused for a moment, wondering if I had given him something to eat, then realized that I hadn't... uh oh. I went in the kitchen to discover that he had opened my mom's pantry, found a bag of chocolate chips, somehow opened them, and was helping himself to handfuls at a time!!! What can you do but laugh?! And boy did we!! He was so proud of himself and enjoying the "chocolate chippies" very much :) I have this all on video ... if only I could figure out how to upload it!
  • We have made friends with some new neighbors down the street that have two little boys around Carter's age. We see them regularly on our nightly walks and have already had a playdate and taken a trip to the library together. So much fun!

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