Brain Dump

Random things from my brain:

1. Spring Fever. Who else is ready for SPRING?! There was a time in my life if you had asked what my favorite season was I would promptly respond with, "WINTER!" Can you believe it? Blame this on the 12 years I spent growing up in Florida where it was warm enough to go swimming on many Christmases. By the time I moved to TN, I was SO ready for cold weather. Now, as the parent of an active two year old boy, I can safely say that winter is my least favorite season. As a girl who hates the heat of summer, I'm pretty sure I'd take that over these frigid days that keep us locked indoors!

2. Things I am daydreaming about:
warmer weather (see #1)
the farmers market
walks in the neighborhood/trips to the playground or park
planting flowers and herbs
spring cleaning
a vacation of any sort

3. Bonhoeffer. As you can see on my sidebar, I'm currently reading Bonhoeffer. Several months ago, this book caught my eye on a shelf at Barnes & Noble. I thumbed through it and found it fascinating, but couldn't bring myself to spend $30 for it. A few days later, I was at my parents' house and my mom mentioned a new book she bought and thought I might be interested in... yep, it was the same one!

In case you don't know, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a pastor/theologian during World War II. He was part of the movement to resist Nazism in Germany, specifically in the church. He was also part of the {failed} plot to assassinate Hitler, and was eventually executed for it.

It's a little out of my reading comfort zone.. in that it is a biography not fiction, though it reads much like a novel. It's a big whopper of a book so it may take me awhile to finish it, but I'll be sure to share my thoughts when I'm done!

4. Grandpa Stephens. Jeremy's grandpa passed away about 2 weeks ago. It was a hard loss for his family, as they shared so many wonderful memories with him... especially during their childhood. Here are a few special pictures:

Grandma and Grandpa Stephens with the grandkids:
{Jeremy is the cute blonde sitting on the right of the table}
Jeremy (at 11 months) sleeping with Grandpa

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  1. I've always thought it would be weird to have a warm Christmas - but now, I dream of it. I think it would be pretty fun. I long to live somewhere warmer...someday!