Delayed Gratification

My son is not verbally advanced. In fact, he's always been behind the benchmarks for his age.

For some reason, contrary to my nature, this hasn't really worried me. I always knew the words would come- and that there was nothing wrong with his intellect or ability to relate to others. I'm not going to lie, though... it has been difficult to watch others with very verbally advanced children, but like I said ... I just knew Carter would catch up... eventually.

Well my friends, the day has arrived. I can't even count the numbers of new words Carter has said this week. He is literally blowing my mind! I think the gratification of hearing him talk is even sweeter after all the months I've worked with him... and waited...and waited.

The ironic part of this is that he has been obsessed with the alphabet since before he turned two. He could identify all the letters in the alphabet long before his 2nd birthday, and has been able to say all the letters and sounds individually for months now (with the exception of "K" and the hard "C" sounds). He reads letters everywhere we go... in the doctor's office, grocery store, street signs. It has seemed so strange to me that I've often joked that he might read before he could talk!

I'm loving this new stage and am thankful for every bit of progress my little guy makes. Thank you, Lord for a happy, healthy child!

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