26 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks pregnant! It's so hard to believe that I'm almost to my 3rd trimester! Where does the time go?! {Never mind, I know the answer to that... it's a cute 2 year old named Carter... who also happens to be extremely demanding of his mommy's time.} As you can tell by the picture above (sorry about the poor quality again.. blame it on the ipod touch), baby Cooper has grown a lot over the past month!! Here are some of the highlights:

-I'm still feeling really good on most days and haven't yet hit the "I feel HUGE" point of pregnancy ... YET.

-I'm thankful that (for the most part) the heat has held off in TN. I'm not really looking forward to being huge and hot :)

-I am still trying to workout 3-4 times per week. My parents have a treadmill at their house, so I'm making good use of it these days. It works out nicely because I can go in the afternoons while Carter enjoys some playtime at Bella's! I'm also going to the gym when I can at night.

-I haven't had any real "cravings" other than food in general :) It seems that I'm always hungry and have the appetite of a horse, but unfortunately, not the room to hold it all. I've found that eating several small meals a day is better than indulging all at once.

-We've picked out a paint color for the nursery called Pistachio Ice Cream. I'm REALLY hoping it looks good because I've had a rough time finding a green color that isn't mint, sage, or yellow-green. We'll see :) Cooper's bedding is ready to go. It's called Farm Patch by Pottery Barn Kids. I love it and am currently on the hunt for some art prints to match! There is still lots to be done on the nursery, but I'm slowly making progress in transitioning it from a guest bedroom. Pics to come!

-Overall, I've been more relaxed with this pregnancy than I was with Carter. I think it has a lot to do with God's grace and mercy in calming my anxiety, but it also helps that having another boy requires a lot less preparation than it did the first time around. Thanks for your continue prayers!

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