My Sweet Baby Boy

Here is the latest on this little guy:

-So far, he is a laid back little dude...already so much more chill than his big brother ever was!

-He is eating consistently every 3 hours and will go 3-4 hours between feedings at night.

-He does not like having his diaper changed or his clothes off.. this is really the only time he screams.

-He is a snuggle bug for sure :) He loves to be held and snuggled in a blanket... mommy's dream come true!

-We've had people ask about his middle name.. Solomon. When we were trying to decide on a middle name, I was pretty adamant that I wanted either a family name or a name with some sort of significance (preferably a Biblical one). Carter's middle name is David.. and both Carter and David are family names. As we looked into names on both sides of our families, we couldn't find one that we both liked and one that fit with Cooper. We turned to the Bible in search of one that would hold a special meaning for our new little man. Both Jeremy and I kept coming back to Solomon for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because of the connection between King David and King Solomon. I mean how can you go wrong naming your sons after two of the most influential Biblical kings, who also happened to be father-son? Also, the meaning of Solomon is "peace" or "peaceful", which was VERY appealing to me.. and so far this little guy has been nothing but the epitome of peace in our lives.

-Carter is adjusting remarkably well to having a new little brother. The only signs of jealously are directed toward me, which I guess is better than taking it out on Cooper. He tells me repeatedly throughout the day to:
"Stop doing ____. Just feed Cooper."
"Just leave him alone, Mama."
You get the idea. I'm sure part of this is him just being two... and a total, 100%, bossy first born (who is being raised by 2 first borns.. poor kid).

-Carter's favorite things to say to Cooper are:
"Ohhhhh, it's OTAY Baby Coop! Carter is here!"
"I DO love you, wittle brother."
"Come here, Baby Coop. I need to love you."

-One of the most amazing things is that from the time Cooper was just hours old, he has responded to the sound of Carter's voice. True brotherly love.

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  1. so precious! and i love hearing thing things big brother says - so sweet!