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We are THRILLED to announce that Carter is going to have a little brother!

We had our big ultrasound on Monday and everything looks great. We prayed for a healthy baby, no matter what the sex, and by the looks of everything-baby boy is just that. His heart rate was 142 and though he was cooperative in showing us that he is all boy (see picture below) ... he was rather shy for the rest of the ultrasound. He would squirm away from the camera, hide his face with his hands, and pull up his knees. Precious.

Here are a couple of the pictures ... they aren't quite as clear as the ones we got with Carter, but still amazing:

We have decided on the name, COOPER, but have not yet chosen a middle name. I pretty much think Carter and Cooper make the cutest brother names I've ever heard!

I've started on his nursery and am excited about pulling it all together. I scored some adorable Pottery Barn Kids bedding on ebay (for a STEAL)... I just hope I love it as much in person as I did online!

Thanks for your continued prayers for this little one.

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  1. Congrats!! How precious to soon have a home with two little boys!