Things I Do Not Understand...

1. Why some people wear sunglasses while exercising indoors.

2. Why little boys are so grossly discriminated against when it comes to clothing.

3. Why, when the boys clothing selection is slim to begin with, there are so few decent items to choose from. I mean is it really that hard to find a balance between foo-foo jumpers (for 2 yr olds) and Star Wars/Batman/Superman?

4. Why I am still wearing my Uggs in March. Spring, please come soon.

5. Why my son's favorite color of crayon and play-doh is black. Should I be concerned??


  1. Hey April! Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Just saw your preggy pics - you make pregnancy look so cute! :)

  2. Hi April! Hahahaha ! Love the "things I do not understand feature!" Soo true!!
    I printed out the Lemon Loaf cake.. looking forward to trying it this week.. I love lemon flavor of most anything! Yum!
    Love reading your blog! Keep it coming!