Our Life in Pictures (via my phone)

My phone often tells the best story of our life.
The snapshots I take on my phone aren't fancy,
but they are our reality.
So here's a glimpse at the past month or so
in no particular order...

(Please excuse the blurriness of some pictures...
*someone*, who often has dirty hands,
likes to play with mommy's phone and smudge up the camera lens)

Breakfast at Noshville with daddy
(after he got back from St. Louis)

*Take 1*
*Take 2*
At the airport, waiting for daddy

More waiting

I made my first bundt cake!
(my mom gets credit for the awesome icing drizzle)

Auntie Ashley had her wisdom teeth out last week
so we went to visit her...
and Carter got to "play" in Uncle Tay Tay's studio!

We went to Kohl's and found The Grinch

We went to Addison's 2nd birthday party!
Here's the sweet birthday girl...

I made a couple of gift bags & really like how this one turned out

Jeremy and I saw this "car" at Target. Maybe we'll downsize and get one... ha!

My mom and I went to ULTA for the first time.
I tried on hair extensions and fell in love.
Don't judge :)

Carter showing off his new Sesame Street shirt and Reese's ball.
Gifts from when Poppy and Bella went to Chicago.

My little man after church one Sunday.
It doesn't get much cuter than this!

"Carter, where are your nipples?"

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  1. Thank heavens for the cameras on cell phones! They capture that "moment" when otherwise it would only be left in our memories.