Things I Love About...

My Husband
His patience with me
His unwavering love and support
He know how to make me laugh and how to cheer me up
His fierce loyalty for those he loves
The fact that he would put our lives (Carter's/mine) before his own
He challenges me
He takes his marriage vows seriously
How he is opposite from me in SO many ways,
But not in the things that count
He desires to be a Godly man/husband
He thinks I'm pretty much the most amazing girl ever ;)
(Hey, who doesn't want their husband to think this?!)

My Son

His zest for life
His curiosity
His sweet, tender side that he saves for his Mama
That he still gets the hiccups when he laughs really hard
(He had the hiccups nearly everyday during my 3rd trimester!)
His love for music and books
His desire to help with anything I'm doing
His love for animals
He's fearless when it comes to try new things or new food

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