Keeping It Real

This is how I feel today:

Frazzled. Disorganized. Overwhelmed. Even my "to-do list" is a mess. Grocery shopping, menu planning, couponing, planning my sister's bridal shower, cleaning, folding laundry, finding Carter's lost birth certificate{what kind of mom loses her son's birth certificate?!}, ordering him a NEW birth certificate, ordering our passports, dealing with government agencies, etc.... all while my little man is tearing through my coupons, throwing DVDs around the living room, and screaming for more food. Ahhhhhh!

This is when it hit me. I told someone I would pray for them. Then, as I started to pray... and realized that I hadn't even prayed for myself or my family today. It is hard to go before the Lord for someone you barely know, when you haven't even acknowledged His presence all day. Forgive me, Lord. And please clear my cluttered mind.

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